Investing In Others

Ill take what I’ve earned and accept what I deserve/ An epiphany my soul has recently learned/Guilt  for putting myself first an unnecessary concern/ I see now that I was investing in people’s depressions without seeking any positive returns/No longer will I do more for others than I do for myself/It left my heart broke and my mind with delusions of personal wealth/I let looking out for others make me blind to my own declining health/Im currently refocusing my life’s viewing  lens/ Carefully evaluating as I eliminate toxions I foolishly called friends/Finding myself as I lose my “people pleasing” personality trends/I’m not starting a new life as this current one ends/ I’m going back to the initial one that I had on a temporary suspend/ Where I can remove my mask of happiness/ No longer will it be an emotion of pretend/ Where serenity comes naturally and not a struggle to apprehend/Where joy  lives in the mind and not something it can’t comprehend/Where joy isn’t a brief moment but instead a daily transcend/The place where I belong/The place where I began/The place where I’ve returned and will never leave again.


Types of Love

There are many types of love. Through  trial and error you’ll  discover the specific type of love that works for you. Thomas Edison  once said, ” I didn’t fail a 1,000 times. I found a thousand  types of way not to make a light bulb.”
Similar to love, you’ll encounter  several types of love and none of them will suffice……. Until that one day that it does.

Let that sink in.

Just Give Up

Sometimes in life you may think the only thing you can do is to just give up. And you’re right- you should just give up.

Give up your need to always be right. Accept when you’re wrong and grow from the experience. Ignorance can’t prevail in an evolving mind.

Give up your need to be in control. There are times during your journey where unexpected obstacles will arise and are out of your control. Accept that and seek comfort in the knowledge that its God’s work bringing you where you need to be. 

Give up your need for blame. Sometime when something is done, it’s done. You can’t go back and change it. You can’t change what others have done and it’s not your responsibilities to carry the burred of someone else’s corrupt deed.

Give up your self-defeating and your limiting beliefs. You can’t let negativity take residence in your mind. We all need supporters but the biggest supporter of you is yourself. Know your worth and never sell yourself short or at a discount.

Give up your need to complain. Similar to giving up blame- sometimes there is no changing what is/has happened. Instead of coming up with excuses not to make the situation better, make excuses to make the best of the situation.

Give up your need to impress others. Do what is best for you and not what will be more appealing to your peers. Stay in touch with your reality and not society’s preferences.

Give up your resistance to change. We are all meant to evolve and grow. We must accept this as part of life.  To secure us from extinction we must change and adapt. The world is going to change whether you approve of it or not.

Give up your fears. “Danger is very real but fear is a choice.” Never should you let fear parallelize you from making progress towards your goals.

Give up on living your life to fit other people’s expectations. People will always tell you you’re wrong if you do things your own way.  You have no responsibility to live up to other people’s expectations. It’s their mistake, not you failing. Since everyone has their own destination to success, their routes will always be different from others.


Accepting your fear/s

There are times in life that I believe we are all marathon runners. Try as we might we cant seem to out run our fears. If we poured our favorite beverage,sat on the deck, held hands and supported each other I’m sure we’d find we are all afraid of something. 

There are things that haunt us. 

Maybe it’s a past transgression, a slight, a mistake or maybe there are days we simply look at the sum total of our lives and we see ourselves coming up short. We think late at night or when we’re alone that “If they knew…….” 

We’re conditioned to fight and then ignore. 

We run from our fears. We try to put distance between us so when we slow down and look behind we no longer see them. We never realize that they caught a cab and are at the next intersection just waiting to ambush us when we least suspect it. 

It’s an on going battle. 

It may be our relationships, our health, our appearance. Each of us has their own carefully crafted list. 

It doesn’t work does it? Fighting, then running. As the saying goes, “They know where you live.” 

We’ve been conditioned to believe that real strength comes from fighting and feeding our resolve. 

How do you fight yourself? 

Maybe, just maybe it’s time to make peace with your fear. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the point of having them – To resolve them and move on. 


I will not confront them with a shield and sword today. I will extend my hand in acceptance and understanding and begin to make peace with my fears. 

I found an old journal last night. It had strayed away from the book shelf and as I thumbed through it I came upon a meditation I’d printed out and taped on one of its pages. It’s titled “Forget.” 

I’d like to share some of it with you. 

“Man is so made that he can carry the weight of twenty-four hours, no more. Directly he weighs down with the years behind, and the days ahead, his back breaks. I have promised to help you with the burden of today only, the past I have taken from you and if you, foolish hearts, choose to gather again that burden and bear it, then, indeed, you mock Me to expect Me to share it.”

Those can be harsh words to digest but I’ve found in my life the truth usually is. 

Today I will make peace with my fears – Just for today. 


Just like any well-built structure, you’re strength starts from within, not outside. Take a look at the world around you. Throughout history, we have buildings and structures that have stood the tests of time (versus both man and nature) because of the foundation they were built on.  
It wasn’t/isn’t their surroundings that give them strength, it is what lies at their core within which gives them the support they need. And just like those structures, it isn’t who/what we are surrounded by that determines your beauty – while we may look to outside sources to (re)define and (re)confirm who we are, they only accentuate (or depreciate) our value – all the support we need to build ourselves is already in us.
You are natural *Wonder of the World*; beautiful inside and out, built to last and only you can determine how strong you are.